Remedy 2.0

Remedy 2.0 ER (External Rotation)

The Remedy 2.0

The sling is constructed using a breathable Kewl Mesh fabric and can be contoured for a stable comfortable fit without the need for a neck strap. The contoured pillow provides optimal post-operative positioning and a posterior elbow strap stabilizes the humerus preventing the arm from backing out of the brace. Optional shoulder strap included.


  • Contoured waist pillow with quick release buckles and easy to release straps for optimal fit and comfort
  • Product is adjustable to fit all sizes
  • Adaptable, easy to wear and most importantly convenient when performing exercises with a front panel that opens completely, reducing the need to remove the brace

Post-Operative Uses

  • Bankart Repair
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Posterior Shoulder Reconstruction
  • Capsular Shift
  • Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction

Post Injury Use

  • Anterior dislocation/subluxation
  • Sprain/strain of the glenohumeral joint
  • Acromioclavicular joint sprain/strain
Part Number Size Description
502141 Universal The Remedy 2.0, Left
502142 Universal The Remedy 2.0, Right


Accessory Description Size
502060 15° Wedge Universal

The Remedy 2.0 ER


  • The ER pillow maintains the shoulder joint in a neutral “gunslinger” position during recovery
  • Designed for external rotation of the arm

Part Number



502143 The Remedy 2.0 ER, Left Universal
502144 The Remedy 2.0 ER, Right Universal

Directions for Use