Pro Wrap Wrist

The Pro Wrap Wrist is the ideal brace to aid in the protection of the wrist from hyperextension injury. The one handed lace system is designed for ease of application and customized compression. It can be worn for many sports including those in water. The removable inserts allow the wearer to increase or decrease the stiffness and protection of the brace to their desired need.

Part Number


500413 SM Pro Wrap Wrist
500414 MD Pro Wrap Wrist
500415 LG Pro Wrap Wrist
500416 XL Pro Wrap Wrist


Measure Circumference at Wrist

SM-500413   Fits 5"-6"
MD-500414   Fits 6"-7"
LG-500415    Fits 7"-8"
XL-500416     Fits 8"-9"


Directions for Use