*For use with Kodiak Cold Therapy Unit sold separately

Intelli-Flo Pads

The revolutionary pads offer hassle-free temperature regulation specific to each treatment area, allowing for consistent cold delivery. The ergonomic design provides exceptional coverage, static compression, and patient comfort.

Part Number


502710 Intelli-Flo Pad, Back
502711 Intelli-Flo Pad, Hand/Wrist
502712 Intelli-Flo Pad, Shoulder
502713 Intelli-Flo Pad, Shoulder, XL
502714 Intelli-Flo Pad, Multi-Use
502715 Intelli-Flo Pad, Multi-Use, LS
502719 Intelli-Flo Pad, Ankle
502720 3" X 5", Intelli-Flo Pad
502721 Intelli Flo-Pad, Hip
502723 Intelli Flo-Pad, Knee


Directions for Use