Target OA

Target OA Knee Brace - single upright with three point unloading improves mobility by providing pain relief from knee osteoarthritis.

Features & Benefits

  • Single upright design with adjustable medial or lateral unloading of the knee joint
  • Formable thigh and calf cuffs for optimal fit and comfort
  • Easy self-adjustment for off-loading of affected knee joint compartment
  • Universal size Left or Right specific reduces inventory needed
  • Low profile design to wear under clothing
  • Simple buckle design to aid in donning and doffing
  • Flexion / Extension stops provided for controlled range of motion
  • Washable liners and pads


  • Uni-compartmental mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis
  • Articular cartilage defect repair
  • Meniscal cartilage repair
  • Osteochondral defect repair
  • Degenerative joint disease


Part #



505071 Universal Target OA, Right
505072 Universal Target OA, Left

Directions for Use