The SPD (Shoulder Positioning Device)

The SPD (Shoulder Positioning Device) is a versatile, comfortable, and convenient shoulder immobilization device that aids in the recovery and rehab of a shoulder injury. Its unique aluminum waist belt can be shaped to all body types. It is adjustable in orientation and abduction (movement away from the body) to allow for the optimal position during the recovery process. It features a one handed buckle design that allows the wearer to apply the brace after its initial fitting with the use of the unaffected hand. The shoulder harness offloads the weight of the sling assembly and injured arm from the neck. Assembly can be reduced to a sling only design if orientation and abduction are no longer required for recovery. Sling pouch is adjustable in length and comes with an affixed hand pillow to prevent migration of the arm out of the sling pocket when worn.

Part Number


502160 Universal, The Shoulder Positioning Device