RelOAd OA Knee Brace

A unilateral, adjustable tension, hinged brace for the person experiencing mild to moderate uni-compartmental knee arthritis. Designed to be worn throughout the day for activities of daily living and for those with limited dexterity. It aids by providing functional support of the knee joint, assisting to relieve pain or discomfort from the bone on bone contact associated with mild to moderate OA.

It is constructed of a soft, stretchable compression sleeve that improves fit, reduces migration and swelling. Its low profile design allows it to be worn under most clothing.

The ability to unload the affected knee compartment with the telescoping dial hinge is controlled by the wearer. The wearer can modify the unloading of the affected knee joint to reduce their pain, allowing them to become more active and enjoy an improved quality of life


  • Mild to moderate medial or lateral Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee joint
  • Functional support for varus or valgus knee joint collapse
  • For patients who want a soft brace
  • For normal activities of daily living

Features & Benefits

  • A single upright frame designed to unload either the medial or lateral compartment of an OA knee joint to reduce pain on the affected side
  • An integrated soft, stretchable compression sleeve design improves fit, reduces migration, reduces swelling and improves compliance to wear the brace
  • Single upright design reduces profile and bulkiness of the brace, allowing it to be worn under most clothing
  • Contoured thigh and calf shells conform to patient's anatomy and aid with comfort and migration control
  • Telescoping tension dial can be adjusted by the patient, to unload in small increments, the affected side of the knee joint thus reducing pain and allowing for increased activity
  • Partially open thigh sleeve design aids in the donning and doffing of the brace for those with limited strength
  • Uprights are made of a malleable aluminum that allows the brace to be contoured to the wearers anatomy, improving unloading of the affected knee joint
  • Comfort, minimal adjustment straps and the ability to adjust loading contribute greatly to patient compliance to wear the brace
  • Can be worn in a wet environment without damage to the fabric, frame or hinge, allowing wearer to travel without concern of compromising the brace
  • Extremely light weight, under 16 ounces, so the wearer does not feel fatigued by a bulky brace



Measure circumference of thigh 6" (15cm) above mid patella.




X = 1 XXS = 12 - 13 XXS = 9 - 10
X = 2 XS = 13 - 15 XS = 10 - 12
X = 3 SM = 15 - 18 SM = 12 - 14
X = 4 MD = 18 - 21 MD = 14 - 16
X = 5 LG = 21 - 23 LG = 16 - 18
X = 6 XL = 23 - 26 XL = 18 - 20
X = 7 2X = 26 - 29 2X = 20 - 22
X = 8 3X = 29 - 32 3X = 22 - 24

* Measure circumference of thigh 6" (15 cm) above mid patella.

Ordering Information:

Part #



50503-X XS-3X ReLoad Knee Brace, RT Medial (LT Lateral)
50504-X XS-3X ReLoad Knee Brace, LT Medial (RT Lateral)


Directions for Use