OA Crusader Custom


  • Osteoarthritis with/without ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL Instability
  • Osteoarthritis with Combined Instability
  • Post High Tibial Osteotomy surgical repair
  • Post Chondral Injury surgical repair
  • Medial or lateral joint narrowing causing mild to severe joint pain
  • Hyperextension control


  • Active brace stability with dynamic strapping design neutralizes tibial movement
  • Custom fabricated lightweight carbon composite frame, provides maximum control & extreme strength
  • Up to 7° of corrective control to adjust alignment and offload the affected compartment
  • Three calf lengths available to accommodate various heights and leg anatomy
  • Comes with brace bag and extra sized condyle pads
  • Polycentric hinge with flexion stops from 45° - 90° and extension stops from 0° - 40° with adjustable controls
  • Available with a telescoping adjustable hinge to custom dial the needed load
  • Specifically designed measuring system captures all needed anatomic measurements allowing superior fit with increased control
  • 14 Colors
  • Comes with brace bag and extra sized condyle pads for added correction at the knee joint


Ordering Information:

Part Number


507103 The Crusader, OA
507104 The Crusader, OA & ACL


Part Number



50297 X Under Brace Sleeve XS - 3X
50622 X Sports Cover SM - 2X
590027 0 Degree Flexion Stop Kit N/A
590093 Patello Femoral Brace Accessory Universal


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